Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas Eve!

Leave it to my son not to give a hoot about Santa. I am glad he wasn't scared (he has no stranger danger what so ever, which scares me) but really wasn't amused either. My kid is one if the happiest kids I know, he has a smile that would melt your heart but nothing and I mean NOTHING would get him to smile when we went to see Santa! Not even Mom doing the crazy woman jig in the corner, hence the reason he isn't looking at the camera. Oh well he is cute as heck smiling or not!

'Santa' aka Momma got all the Christmas gifts wrapped and ready last night (with the help of my little elf Aunt Whit). My big boy is going to love his gifts.... or the boxes they come in, either way he is going to be one happy camper tomorrow morning!
I am going to make Baked Frenchtoast Casserole in the morning, you can find the recipe HERE. My friend Miranda suggested it and she says that it is GREAT!
We have a busy day of visiting family and I can't wait! I love getting together for the holidays!
I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! I will be sure to post pictures that I take with my new camera (not so 'secret' gift from Brett) soon!
Be safe and have fun!

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