Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Let the training begin!

I have decided to run in the 1oth Annual Ogden Marathon 5K on May 15th!

I have roughly 100 days, if I calculated correct, so training begins Monday! I plan on easing into it since I am not much of a runner. Sure, I ran a lot when I was a gymnast but heck that was what seems like centuries ago!

I am in the process of convincing Brett to run the 5k with me so we will see how that goes. If any of my local readers are interested in joining me, let me know! I would love to have a training buddy and some one to run with the day of the event!

I feel like by putting it out into 'blogger world' it makes it a real deal, it's like I really can't flake out now or I never will be able to show my face on my blog again, ha!

So wish me luck! I will be sure to update with my training progress! :)

P.S. I blame my good friend Karen for this crazy idea. She is also getting ready to train for one in her area and I gave into diving into the experience with her. Karen if I die a painful death due to this I blame you ::smooches::

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