Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Bring it on 2010!


I never really posted an official 'New Year' post so I am doing it now.

Although we didn't start 2010 off very healthy we are all feeling 110% now so I am very thankful and happy about that.

I have big dreams for 2010! I have never been one to set 'resolutions', mainly because I just didn't have the motivation to stick to them so why even bother right? Well this year is a bit different. This may sound a bit strange but this year I feel like I have a bit more to live for. Not that last year Brett wasn't enough or before Brett that my parents and family weren't enough but it is just that Chaz has put a whole new spin on life as a whole. Brett is a grown man and if needed could fend and provide for himself, same with my parents but Chaz on the other hand at this point cannot. His whole life is in the hands of Brett and I (and God of course but that is a given) and knowing that gives me the motivation and determination to set goals that will better our life as a family. Some are personal goals/resolutions and you may think that they have no play on the well being of Chaz or our family as a whole but I have this motto that.... A happy Mom is a happy home, so therefor I feel that setting some goals for myself will absolutely have an impact on my family.

Well enough chit chat, lets get down to the nitty gritty and discuss my plans for 2010!

#1 BE A BETTER WIFE AND MOTHER - I hate to toot my own horn but I do think I do a pretty damn good job at this as is but I know that there is room for improvement. I often get so caught up in the hussel and bussel of the day that I put family time on the back burner in order to clean the house, pay the bills, etc. Brett said something to me the other day that really stuck with me, he said 'family time is time you can never get back, once it is gone it is gone' (I married a smart man) he is completely right! I am guilty of plopping Chaz down in a pile of toys while I try to clean the house or getting frustrated when he whines and hangs on my leg while I am trying to finish a project and I really want to work on not doing those things. I know that my husband and my son know that I love them but I don't think they know exactly to what extent I truly love them and it is about time I work harder in showing them.

#2 PAY OFF OUR DEBT - This is something that Brett and I have had many conversations about and feel it is really important to the both of us. We do not have a HUGE amount of debt but we have enough that it sometimes gets in the way of living the way we would like to. Our goal is to have no bills besides our house, both cars, utilities and possibly one CC that we will pay off each month. I know that is isn't something that will happen over night, it will take time and it will take devotion but I feel we are both on board and can definitely make this happen. I will blog more about this including our debt, our plan and our progress I promise.

#3 GET IN SHAPE - I have already started this and have recently got addicted to cycling. I am not putting a size or a weight on it I just want to be 'bikini ready' meaning I want to be able to confidently wear a bikini this summer. I don't hate the way my body looks now to be honest, I feel pretty good about the way I look I would just love to tone up and get rid of the 'pregnant belly skin' from when I was pregnant with Chaz. Again, I will post progress on this as I go. I do have before pictures but I refuse to post those until I have better looking after pictures. LOL

#4 SPRUCE UP THE HOUSE - This August will be 3 years that Brett and I have been in our house! Go us! When we bought it it was brand new which was a good and bad thing. The upstairs was completely finished but that basement was not, the basement is not a large space just an area for a family type room and then an area that will eventually be the laundry room. Right now it is just insulated walls and concrete floors with a washer and dryer and too much junk. The yard was also unfinished, we pretty much lived on a dirt lot. We thought this would all be great because we could finish it and make it 'our own' but we are starting to regret our decision... finishing a house BLOWS. So far we have only put in the front lawn and fenced our backyard. The basement is still unfinished but for now that is ok because our family is still small and we have enough room with the 3 bedrooms upstairs. My goal this year is to 'spruce' it up a bit. I know that finishing it will be a big project financially and right now our main goal is paying off our debt so I don't have big expectations on finishing the unfinished parts but more just doing some small decor changes and what not to the finished/lived in parts. I follow a lot of DIY blogs and have compiled a great list of decor projects and the best part about it is that they are all for people on a budget and wont get in the way of our goal to pay off our debt! Talk about having our cake and eating it too! :)

So there you have it. My big goals/expectations/resolutions for 2010!

I do have a few smaller, easier to do goals that I thought I would share with you as well.

- Visit our Grandparents more.

- Get better at playing with Turbo or taking him on walks.

- Read to Chaz at least once a day ( I love to read and I really want to pass that on to him at an early age).

- Keep a dinner menu plan and stick to it.

- Keep up with my daily cleaning so that cleaning the house isn't a whole day project.

I am sure I will come up with some more small goals for myself and will be sure to share them with you as I work towards reaching them.

I want to hear your resolutions!

Now I just can't make a blog post with out sharing some photos of the the adorable ball of cuteness I call my son, sorry! So here you go!

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