Friday, January 1, 2010

Lots to blog about!


If you read my last post you will remember that I said that I would give anything to take what Chaz was going through and give it to me full force if that meant he didn't have to suffer anymore. Well.... I asked and I sure in the hell received!

An hour or so after Wednesdays blog entry I started feeling a bit 'blah'. I figured it was due to the fact that I was up with my sick son the night before and got a whole 3 hours of sleep. Chazs Grandma Joyce called and asked if he could have a sleep over. Since he seemed to be feeling better, he had been his good ol' cheerful self all day, we agreed. I figured I would take advantage of it and make dinner and go straight to bed. Well some where between dinner and bed my plan took a sharp left turn and I found myself hugging the toilet instead of my pillow! I spent the rest of the night having a face off with the toilet. I seriously think I broke some sort of record, I lost count at 15, yup that's right 15! I won't go into details but my night/morning was not a pretty site.

I am feeling a bit better today, my body feels as though I ran a 15k, swam the length of the Pacific and hiked Mount Everest but at least I emptied my stomach and possibly lost 5 pounds!

Brett seemed to get a bit of the bug too but luckily he didn't get the worst of it and is feeling much better today!


Awww what a great Christmas, Christmas of '09 was!

Chaz gave the word spoiled whole new meaning! Between Santa, his Grandmas and Grandpas and all of his Aunts and Uncles Chaz will not need another gift until he is 18! I will say that every single gift he received was something I would have bought him myself and there wasn't one thing that he received that I wish I could return. Everyone did a wonderful job! He got a ton of clothes which is GREAT since he is growing like a weed, he also got some toys that even I am excited to play with!

I will say that Momma was spoiled as well. You see Brett and I had this deal that this Christmas would be about Chaz and not each other. We agreed to one gift, Christmas Eve pjs and a stocking. Well lets just say that someone broke the rules and it sure in the heck wasn't me! I had been expecting a mystic fire topaz ring because that was the only thing I asked for and Brett had dropped a few not so subtle hints. Well I got my ring, it was more beautiful than I ever had imagined, Brett had it custom made and it screams 'ME'. I got my Christmas Eve pjs, I got an awesome, stuffed to the brim stocking, the This Is It CD (rule breaker #1), a new point and shoot camera (rule breaker #2) and oooooh and what a big 'and' it is.... the most beautiful (next to my wedding ring) diamond ring on earth (rule breaker #3)! A 2 3/4 carat, white gold, diamond ring to be exact! It is seriously GORGEOUS! Of course Brett had an excuse for every gift that went above the 1. The CD was meant to go in the stocking but didn't fit, the camera wasn't from him and was from Chaz and there were no rules as to how many gifts Chaz could give ::eyeroll:: and then Brett was given an offer he just couldn't resist on the diamond ring.

I should have known better really, my husband is a sneaky little bugger and in the back of my mind I knew that there was no way that he would stick to the rules. I really am so lucky to have a man that would give me the world and beyond without me even asking for it.

Breakfast was DELICIOUS! If you missed the post you can find the recipe HERE.

We spent some much needed time with ALL of our family. I will say that we were truly blessed with the greatest family and I am so thankful for all of them.

Now on to my favorite part about blogs, the pictures......

(the adorable sock monkey pjs we found for Chaz)

(who doesn't love a good old pic of some baby feet)

(Brett clearly didn't want his picture taken)

(Chaz opening and playing with some of his gifts from Santa)

(the rings)

(Chazs awesome new football chair) (Papa and Chaz checking out his new dino)

(Chaz and Grandma Joyce)

(classic bath time pictures)

(Chaz with Granny C)

(Chaz with Uncle Andrew and Aunt Veronica)


I realized during the middle of doing this post that a handful of the pictures from Christmas are on my Mom camera so I will just have to AW them some other time.



Our New Year celebration wasn't much to talk about. Since we were all still feeling a bit under the weather it was a lazy night in. All that mattered to me was that I was with my boys!

I hope that everyone had a HAPPY and safe New Year.

I hope that 2010 brings you happiness, health, wealth and anything that you dream of!

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